The Well is No Longer The Well is No Longer

We have a giant ficus tree in the back yard that really needed a good trim because it was starting to touch the roof. We got a couple of bid...

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2:30 AM

DIY Concrete Planters DIY Concrete Planters

Oh man, I am getting SO excited for tomorrow's big event! Local friends, are you coming to the Phoenix Garden Party that The Home Depot...

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11:58 PM

DIY Extra Tall Baseboards DIY Extra Tall Baseboards

I love tall, chunky baseboards and I'm not ashamed to say it! :) Beefy floor boards = instant character in a room. Custom milled tall ba...

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1:48 AM

DIY Custom Chalkboard Paint DIY Custom Chalkboard Paint

One of the sad casualties from the move was the glass in my beloved scroll mirror . :( This mirror has had a prominent place in our past cou...

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11:50 AM